Vic couriers fight over $16.6m win

A $16.


6 million Powerball win is again at the centre of a legal stoush between former Geelong couriers.

Gary Baron, a former Toll courier, won the millions in an October 2014 draw.

Mr Baron was the organiser of a workplace lotto syndicate, whose members suspected the winning ticket was purchased with their money.

Fourteen members of the syndicate started a fight in the Victorian Supreme Court before a settlement was reached last year.

Now, a new writ has been lodged by another former Toll courier, John Joseph Dimasi, who claims he could be entitled to half or all of the $16.6 million win.

Mr Dimasi was a member of the syndicate until he left Toll in March 2014.

According to the writ Mr Baron asked Mr Dimasi if he wanted to continue putting money into Mr Baron’s bank account for the lottery tickets, even though he no longer worked for the company.

Mr Dimasi agreed, and gave Mr Baron $490 in cash and bank transfers in 2014 to pay for tickets.

Mr Dimasi claims some or all of his money could have been used to buy the winning ticket.

Mr Dimasi is also seeking an order preventing Mr Baron from spending, lending or dealing with the winnings until a court determination.

In previous preliminary hearings, the Victorian Supreme Court ordered Tattslotto to provide details of how the winning ticket was paid for.

The syndicate said they had become suspicious when a day after the prize was drawn Mr Baron called in sick for work and soon after resigned.

When asked if the syndicate had been successful in the draw, Mr Baron said it hadn’t.

Five days after the multimillion-dollar draw, Tattslotto hired Toll to deliver a package containing a bottle to Mr Baron’s address.

The workers said they knew Tatts had a practice of sending a congratulatory bottle of champagne to major prize winners.