Postcard Bandit release to be short-lived

An attempt to extradite Queensland’s so-called Postcard Bandit Brenden Abbott to Western Australia on his release from a Brisbane jail is perplexing, his lawyers say.


Abbott, 53, was last month granted parole and was on Monday transferred from the Woodford Correctional Centre to the Brisbane Correctional Centre at Wacol in preparation for his release.

That is likely to happen early on Tuesday morning, when his lawyer Brendan Nyst anticipates Abbott will be immediately re-arrested and taken to the Brisbane watch house for an extradition hearing.

West Australian Police have confirmed they will seek his extradition so that he can face the remainder of his sentence there for various crimes, including breaking out of jail.

“At this stage all we can say is he intends to oppose that application,” Mr Nyst told AAP.

“As far as I understand it, he has about 11 years in total to serve and I think he’s eligible after eight years for parole.”

He said the Queensland Parole Board had deemed Abbott not to be a risk to the community.

“The decision to seek his extradition to Western Australia is somewhat perplexing and we would say unfair given the history of the matter,” Mr Nyst said.

Since 2002 Abbott has applied to be transferred to WA, but that state’s attorney-general refused to grant such permission.

“We would say the interests of justice probably aren’t served in having him now return to Western Australia after serving what can only be described as a very lengthy sentence here in Queensland,” Mr Nyst said.

Abbott had repeatedly applied for parole prior to his recent, successful attempt and argued he had obeyed prison rules for over a decade.

He has served 18 years of a 25-year sentence for bank robberies and escapes after earning his nickname for reportedly taunting police with postcards while on the run.